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Come and see our exhibition of puppets and automata. We also perform Punch & Judy and Magic shows on our stage.
Book our venue for worry-free parties or Punch & Judy workshops full of fun.
Buy magic tricks and puppets in our shop adjacent to the exhibition room.

PIcture of a poster summarising the history of Punch & Judy shows in England.

Discover 350 years of Punch & Judy

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Martin Scott Price in its Puch & Judy booth holding Mr Punch & Judy puppets.

Punch & Judy and Magic shows

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A picture of a lion Pelham puppet, A Walt Disney's Pinocchio puppet, an chimpanzees automata.

A vast collection of Pelham puppets and automata!

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Picture of a display cabinet with many Punch & Judy memorabilia.

Many more things to see!

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Why not join Mr Punch for a very special birthday party?

For schools and playgroups we do talks and history of Punch and Judy with plenty of things to look at and interactive displays. Children have the opportunity to discover the behind the scenes of a puppet show, and they can have puppets to play with and use.

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